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Trade Secret Infringement

Trade secret attorney. Your business relies on trade secrets such as secret formulas, manufacturing techniques, marketing methods and customer databases to provide advantages over competitors. Protecting and enforcing your trade secrets is critical to your success. Non-disclosure and employment agreements, for example, can be good tools to protect your trade secrets. But when an employee or someone else violates these agreements or otherwise steals your trade secrets, you should call Mr. Bright at 213-700-6637 or email him at for your free first consult to tell you whether we can help whether Wagner, Anderson & Bright, LLP can help you.

If you are facing a theft of your trade secrets, time is of the essence. Delay alone may result in loss of rights. Patrick Bright and the trade secret infringement attorneys at Wagner, Anderson & Bright, LLP will help you to develop a cost effective response, consistent with your business goals. Contact Patrick Bright today at (213) 700-6637. He has the experience you need.

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